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Highland Wear Accessories - Questions & Answers

'Hose' is simply an alternative word for socks that is widely used in the Highland wear industry to distinguish long kilt socks from the short socks we wear in daily life.

Here is our full range of hose.

First of all, if they are to go with a formal outfit they must be cream (off-white).

If the outfit is day or casual, you can wear a coloured sock. For the day outfit you should simply choose a colour that matches a colour in the tartan of the kilt. Alternatively, you can match the socks with the colour of the jacket. A good choice of sock colour can enhance the day outfit.

Here is our full range of kilt socks.

The kilt does not require the belt to stay up, it is simply for decoration. The belt should only be worn with the kilt if there is no waistcoat or the waistcoat is to be removed at a later point in the day.

Here is our full range of belts and buckles.

In terms of when they are worn, ghillie brogues are for formal occasions and brogues are to be at day, or less formal events.

In terms of style the brogue has a tongue and short laces and can be worn as an ordinary shoe. The ghillie brogue is similar in style but with no tongue and longer, tasseled laces.

The laces are tied around the ankle. Here is our full range of brouges.