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Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat
(Black with Chrome Buttons)

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Currently in stock in the following sizes only: 46L

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Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat (Black with Chrome Buttons) Description

  • Premium formal jacket and waistcoat
  • Outstanding quality barathea wool
  • Chrome plated buttons
The Prince Charlie outfit consists of a jacket and waistcoat and is the most formal of all highland wear outfits. It is ideal for wearing to evening events and is also a very popular option for weddings.

The jacket is made from 100% barathea wool with a polyester lining. The lapels are beautifully enhanced with satin finish polyester. The buttons which decorate the front, cuff, shoulder and tails of the jacket are chrome-plated, each with a distinctive embossed design. The waistcoat is 100% barathea wool and has a polyester back with adjuster. The front is fastened with three smaller versions of the chrome-plated buttons. The jacket has two inside pockets and the waistcoat has two exterior pockets at the front.

(Larger sizes may be subject to surcharge).
* Note: This product cannot be gift wrapped.
CE Mark This product meets the European Union Consumer Safety Legislation.
This product is proudly made in Scotland.
Caution: Not Suitable for Children under 36 months due to small parts.

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat (Black with Chrome Buttons) Customer Reviews

David Cochrane
Fits a dream, a quality product from a quality supplier. great advise from the team.

Date Added: 21st May 2009

David Lard
I have bought a lot of prince charlies over the years and this one is the best and at a great price.A must buy for anyone wanting to look formal in there kilt6 out of 5

Date Added: 18th March 2008

David hopkin
I thought this product was really good value.I found it difficult to find this type of jacket in such a good fit.

Date Added: 7th November 2007

Buyers Guide To Jackets

A kilt jacket and waistcoat may or may not be part of your Highland wardrobe, though we highly recommend you have at least one for those occasions that may call for one. It is so much better to be prepared, rather than trying to shop at the last minute for a kilt jacket to wear to a wedding or award ceremony. Any occasion can call for wearing your Highland outfit, and any old jacket just won’t do!

Now that you’ve decided to make the investment in a kilt jacket and/or waistcoat, you have some choices to make. We carry the most common types of jackets and waistcoats in a variety of colours and with an amazing number of customisation options by which you can make your choice the ideal fit for you.

We also stock most sizes from 38 to 48 in short, regular and long, in the most commonly ordered jackets, though we can accommodate anyone’s particular size and style with a special order.

So, where do you start?

Your first order of business will be to choose the “cut”, or the style of the kilt jacket, followed by your choice of waistcoat and culminating in your choice of neckwear:

The Crail

Crail, sometimes also called the Argyll, is the most common style of kilt jacket and is most similar to a man’s standard sport coat, though it is cut shorter to fit properly with a kilt.

It is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions and is usually in stock in black, 100% Barathea wool with either chrome or antique-plated buttons.

It comes standard with a five-buttoned waistcoat, or waistcoat, with four pockets and a pointed front. The Crail jacket can be worn with either a black bow tie for those “black tie” affairs, or with a necktie for daytime wear. And you will always have the option to customise your kilt jacket/waistcoat combination as you wish.

You can see our Crail Jackets here.

The Prince Charlie

Prince Charlie is the closest to a tuxedo jacket.

It is tailored shorter in both the front and the back so as to look proper when worn with a kilt, the tails just the right length and embellished with buttons to match the front.

The Prince Charlie kilt jacket is almost always worn with a three-button waistcoat and with a simple black bow tie; a normal neck tie just doesn’t look exactly right with the cut of this jacket or with the silk lapels, though a formal silk or lace ascot is sometimes worn.

You can see our Prince Charlie Jackets here.

The Braemar

Braemar jackets and waist coats have the most contemporary styling.

The fit is comfortable and relaxed, the cut is timeless and the Braemar jacket and waistcoat combination is made-to-order in a number of combinations to include: Brown, grey or Lovat wool tweed with chrome, horn or antique buttons.

The waistcoat will typically have four outside pockets and four buttons, though you can customise both the jacket and the waistcoat as you wish. You can wear the Braemar with a bow tie, but it is most often worn more casually with a regular necktie.

You can see our Braemar Jackets here.

The Sherriffmuir

Sherriffmuir kilt jackets have a military bearing and like the Prince Charlie have been designed for the most formal events.

Also called a doublet, the front will be short with scalloped back tails that go across the entire rear, not the pointed and split tails of a tuxedo-style jacket like the Prince Charlie. The Sherriffmuir jacket and waist coat is made-to-order per your specifications.

The most popular choice of neckwear will be a formal lace or satin ascot, though a bow tie or formal necktie is also appropriate.

You can see our Sherriffmuir Jackets here.

The Highlander

Highlander jackets and waistcoats are tailored in Scotland with single-buttoned cuffs and plain pockets and are most similar to the Braemar styling with a short front and a slightly longer back, tapered only slightly and with no formalised embellishments like pleats, splits or buttons.

The Highlander kilt jacket is most often worn with a five-button waistcoat and has a double vent at the back and a three-button cuff and is usually worn with a regular necktie or an informal type of bow tie, such as one in your clan’s tartan.

You can see our Highlander Jackets here.

Custom Fit?

All of our jackets and waistcoats can be customised. They will always be tailored of the highest quality wool tweed or fabric. You can change the number of buttons and the type of buttons to fit your personal style. You can add or delete pockets and adjust their positioning; we can even tailor a hole for a pocket watch chain. The cuffs are available in three different styles and you can always request a colour to fit the occasion or your personality, the lighter, tweedy colours most often being worn for more informal occasions, while the darker, richer colours are reserved for more formal functions.

The Waistcoat (Or Vest)

When it comes to the waistcoat, you can have it made in tartan if you wish. Some of our customers order a waistcoat to match their jacket and an additional waistcoat in tartan, reserving the matching waistcoat for more formal events and the tartan waistcoat for more casual occasions.

Get In Touch

And, as always, you are welcome to contact us with your questions or concerns. Ask us about our hire services if you are planning an upcoming wedding or other event where multiple jackets and/or waistcoats will be needed. We have an expert staff committed to providing the utmost in customer service and with the knowledge necessary to fully outfit you in the appropriate highland wear.

Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket and Waistcoat (Black with Chrome Buttons) Dimensions

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