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What is Cashmere? And How Are Cashmere Scarves Made?

Yvonne Ross

Yvonne Ross

Gifts Sales Advisor
25/06/17 - 2 Minute Read

What is cashmere?

It may surprise you to know that cashmere wool originates from goats that roam the desert! In fact the only source of cashmere wool comes from the Kashmir goat.

Originally indigenous to the Kashmir province, a mountainous region of North Western India this unique animal was quickly recognised as a source of one of the animal kingdoms most extravagant products. As a result local entrepreneurs began to breed and export the animals and today many countries are home to the Kashmir goat. The country with the enviable reputation of producing the best cashmere wool is Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of Northern China. The wool is harvested only once every year, during the post winter molting season. This is done by a combination of shearing and natural shedding, as the goats lose their protective coats so necessary for protection during the harsh winter conditions of a high desert climate. Each goat produces a meagre 4.5oz (125grams) of wool - just enough to make a single scarf!

The unique length of fibres in cashmere wool makes it especially soft and also reduces the chances of a garment ‘pilling’. This is a term used for the small balls of fabric that appear on cheaper woollen products caused when normal wear and cleaning unravel the fibres.

If Inner Mongolia is renowned for its cashmere wool then Scotland is surely as much renowned for its weaving. Our full range of cashmere scarves are sourced from only the best Scottish manufacturer, Johnstons of Elgin, who guarantee us that the wool comes directly from Inner Mongolia and that their manufacturing process produces only the highest quality of product available.

Here is a brief outline of how our cashmere scarves are made.

To say something is 100% cashmere is only the beginning of the story. What sets our suppliers apart is the workmanship which goes into everything they produce. The cashmere goes through 30 different exacting processes, each of them watched over by the latest generation of craftsmen. At every stage the cashmere is checked for the tiniest imperfections. One thing you’ll notice is how neat and flat the seams are. That is because they bring together the main elements stitch by stitch in a single-needle seam for a neat and comfortable low profile finish. Many of the finishing touches are done by hand.

Finally to remove any remaining impurities and oil they wash each garment in the same soft highland water that is used to make the world’s finest whiskies.

We at Kiltmakers pride ourselves with the quality of our products and we are certain that our range of luxury cashmere scarves are a testament to this.

Yvonne Ross

Yvonne Ross

Gifts Sales Advisor
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Buyers Guide: Cashmere Scarves

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