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Scotland Forever - Our First In-House Tartan

Anne Milsom

Anne Milsom

General Manager
25/06/17 - 1 Minute Read

The Scotland Forever tartan began as an idea here at Alex Scott & Co. in 2003. After weeks on the drawing board it was launched to the local population in early 2004. The tartan quickly became one of the most talked about in town and remains one of the most popular tartans for weddings. Its popularity continues to grow from year to year.

Scotland Forever is without doubt the best-known war cry of the traditional Scottish regiments.

It was famously used by the Scots Greys on their timely and victorious charge at Waterloo in 1815. It spread throughout the ranks of the other Scottish regiments including the Cameron Highlanders. It has become very much entwined with Scotland’s glorious military heritage.

Sadly, many of our famous and distinguished regiments are no longer with us. The Scotland Forever tartan will remind us of the eternal war cry recalling our past glories and will doubtless accompany many future triumphs.

As well as having a name entrenched in tradition, the colour scheme can be described as true to an even older aspect of Scotland; the land.  The heather that covers many parts of the Highlands and our national flower (the Thistle) has inspired the colour scheme of the tartan.  These natural but bright colours are perfect for a traditional kilt in a modern era and can be used to make a variety of other items.

Scotland Forever Tartan is available in an extensive range of merchandise.

Anne Milsom

Anne Milsom

General Manager
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Buyers Guide: Scotland Forever Tartan

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